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Comparison of 16 algorithms from BBOB-2016 on the bbob-biobj suite

ECDF of runtimes for 16 algorithms on the bbob-biobj suite

Empirical runtime distributions (runtime in number of function evaluations divided by dimension) on all 55 bbob-biobj functions with target values in {1, …, 1e-5, 0, -1e-5, -1e-4.8, …, -1e-4} in dimension 10. The cross indicates the maximum number of function evaluations. A decline in steepness right after the cross (e.g. for HMO-CMA-ES) indicates that the maximum number of function evaluations should have been chosen larger. A steep increase right after the cross (e.g. for SMS-EMOA-DE) indicates that a restart should have been invoked earlier.

For a more detailed performance assessment of all so-far benchmarked algorithms on bbob-biobj, see the ppdata archive.