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The bbob-biobj Test Suite

The biobjective bbob-biobj test suite from 2016 is COCO's first multiobjective test suite with 55 noiseless, scalable bi-objective functions that utilize 10 of the original 24 [bbob](bbob) test functions. Each function is provided in various dimension (2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 40). For now, hypervolume reference values and thus the postprocessing of COCO are available for 15 function instances. More details about the test functions, including visualizations of search and objective space, can be found on this supplementary material webpage. A list of all so-far benchmarked algorithms on the bbob-biobj suite together with their links to papers describing the experiment can be found in our bbob-biobj data archive. Postprocessed data can be found here. For detailed explanations of how to use the functions in a COCO benchmarking experiment, please go to the COCO code page on Github. ECDF of runtimes for 16 algorithms on the bbob-biobj suite in dimension 10